Join the Music Making merriment
Registration for Make Music Madison 2015 is now closed. Musicians and venues will have through May 15th to confirm their shows. Musicians who have not registered to perform can still participate this June 21st by joining in one of our mass appeal events — performances of pre-selected music that are open to all musicians.

Proposing and booking performances

Thanks for signing up to take part in Make Music Madison. We’re really excited to have you on board for our citywide musical celebration that is “Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone.”

Before you get started here we recommend you take a look at a few resources to get an overall sense of our musical celebration, to understand the matchmaking process, and to more clearly understand your role in creating a day of musical merriment for all. For a general overview of Make Music Madison and answers to frequently asked questions about the event and matchmaking, please see our FAQ section. For more assistance:
1. Registration Help- found at the screen where you begin registration
2. In Box Help- found when you click on In Box on menu
3. Matching and Scheduling Help- found when you click on Dashboard or Find a Match on the menu

Now you are ready to go!  If you have questions or concerns about the matchmaking process, contact us at


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